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I just came accross a Croatian stamp that does not appear in the Scott or Stanley Gibbons catalogues, although both do state that stamps were issued between 1945 - 1991. One source mentions 44 stamps I saw fewer than that on your page and was wondering if the following stamp is known to you; if so its value.
25 Kuna stamp with picture of a man and the legend "Lomas Del Palomar 10 . iv . 1957" The stamp is blue.
Thank you for any help that you can give.
Todd, CA
Postovani gospodine!
Nikakva "hrvatska republika herceg-bosna" niti je postojala niti ce postojati u Bosni i Hercegovini. Vasa "novo-komponirana" historija nema veze sa filatelijom ili sto bi bilo korisnije za vas neporecivi trud, filatelija ne bi trebala imati veze sa sitno-racundzijskim i lesinarskim tumacenjem novijih historijskih zbivanja u BiH. Cak i marke nose prvo naziv Republike BiH a tek onda "hrvatske zajednice" koja pravno i zvanicno ne postoji. Pri tome se ne libite staviti marku sa mostarskim mostom kojeg vise nema, a svi znamo ko i kada ga je srusio!
S postovanjem
Zlatan, USA
Very well done cant wait til you finish. Would be great if you added Michel,Yvert,Gibbons and Scott numbers to these pages it may enhance . Keep up the good work
Steve, USA
Excellent! If a CD Rom was produced I might buy especially if it included postal history items too.
Jon, USA
Having developed a program for stamp collectors called Stampbase. I would now like to find distributers for the program, or sell the rights, licence to the program.
If your interested in Stampbase please email me.
Richard Shaw
I collect phonecards, coins, postcards and banknotes.In change of them, I can send you used stamps worldwide, and other things. Maybe you would like to add your name in the page where there is the Swappers List N.2.
Walter, IT
G'Day Tom!
This is a fantastic site and its great to see someone put in the time to produce a little historical and modern analysis of an area of Croatian art that is so widespread yet so little respected.
It was a pleasure to scroll through your page, and if you don't mind, I will be advertising it through local Croatian magazines.
Thanks again.
Bog i Hrvati.
Mike, AU
Saint-Laurent, P.Québec, Canada
Your page is great! I had never seen before many of the "exile" stamps. Is there a catalog or a book telling the story of these ? Your work is very interesting! Bravo!
Also, I will visit Zagreb next month. Do you know where the stamps collectors meet every sunday?
Sincerely yours,
Yves, CA
I am interested to know if you have a book on Croatian Stamps with pictures and illustration? Or do you have any additional information on the above subject?
Please reply, thanks for your cooperation.
Ivica, USA
dear sir i was very pleased to find this great web-site, i am pleased to inform you that i have a number of stamps that you have not listed. please feel free to contact me so as you may be able to update your site.
fn, au
splendid site! I am impressed. please try to keep / make it complete. if possible, try to link it to other interesting sites about croatian stamps and collectors.
Gerard, NL
Dear Sirs,
I am a stamp collector who has a thematic collection entitled The Computer. This is a very comprehensive collection, which is also exhibited in International Stamp Exhibitions with good achievements. You may have seen it at PACIFIC 97.
In order to continue and develop that collection, I woulk like to enter into a philatelic research about the development and availability of computerized services as they are given by the various Postal Authorities, as well as other uses of the computer in delivering mail.
This may include, among other, the following aspects:
- at the Post Branch Office: computerized stamp labels, computerized Registered labels, use of bar-code on stamps and other philatelic items (like booklets), other aspects of computerization of the clerk’s activities;
- At the Postal Authority corporate level: electronic mail, use of computer networks to communicate messages, use of Automatic Teller machines to sell philatelic material (not including simple stamp vending machines like Frama and Klussendorf), computerized aspects in mail sorting and mail-bag transfer between sorting centers, introduction of magnetic cards similar to the common phone cards, etc..
I would like to extend my collection into a comparison of the different implementations of the computer in the various countries.
I am interested in any information regarding those aspects (articles, research, etc.) as well as relevant philatelic material.
I shall be very thankful for any help/assistance you can give me, or if you are unable to, to refer me to anybody else who may be able to help me. If you are not in the position to assist me, but do know of anybody else who does, please forward him my request or let me know how to contact him.
Many thanks in advance,
Menachem, IL
Hi Tom,
I found your homepage very interesting because I am very interested in modern Croatian postal history. I am looking for all mail from Bosnia (Herceg-Bosna) and everything what has to do with the war in Croatia and Bosnia. Perhaps you have got something to sell or trade against similar items.
By the way. Mr Vlahovics address has changed. He is now living in SR Njemacke 6, 10020 Zagreb.
Best wishes
Peter, DE
I saw your home page with all these beautiful stamps. I am interested in the stamps issued in exile. It's a pity you removed these and the NDH's from your page. Could you tell me please, who issued these stamps originally. Are these Croatian political parties in exile (HSS, HSP) or organisations like HNV? If you got information on that, would you please be so kind and send that to me.
kind regards
Floribert, NL
I collect several european countries and would like to know if the stamps on your page can be swapped or purchased in any way.
I have a good basic collection of WW2 croatian stamps already.
My other hobby which probably takes more of my time is the military history of the european axis forces of WW2 especaly croatia,hungary,finland & roumania. So when your page gets the medals, maps etc I hope that it will cover the early period as well.
Thanks so far for a very good site & well done.
Mike, AU
Posjetili smo slucajno Vase stranice!
Dopada nam se kako ste to napravili i svakako cemo napraviti uskoro link prema Vama s Hrvatskih poslovnih stranica (!
Samo nastavite tako!
Tomi, HR
I am looking for a gold medal of Croatia, this particular medal have a what it look's like a Palace, a Museum or a Cathedral in one side and in the other have an equestrian figure.
This coin have the name of "Zagreb" in one side. (one particularity that I don't remember very well is was inscribed with the year 1925 or 1927).
What I am interested is the name of the medal and where I can find a picture of it, also what's the approximate price in US Dollars and finally where I can get it.
Thanking in advance,
Ramiro, Mx

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