Croatian Stamps

This electronic catalog is not completed yet but I hope it will be soon. It is not meant to be just a catalog but here will be some interesting and unusual details available. Information on stamps, motifs and designers. We will have some interesting articles from the Trumpeter, a quarterly bulletin of the CPS (Croatian Philatelic Society).
I try to get more information on issues which are not covered enough in other catalogs, like "exile" stamps. Some collectors were great and helped me already. They got credits, I got new friends and we all got more stuff to share on these pages.
Please contact me if you have something to add or correct.
Also, I plan to put medals, banknotes and coins, maps and other nice things on these pages. I have already nice scans of old maps, medivial Coat of Arms, money, and some nice satellite photos of Croatia.
For those of you who need Croatian clip art I will dig my archive and put some files for downloading.
It will take lot of time to fix it all, so please be patient. Just make a bookmark and give it a click every now and then. Enjoy!

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